Roberto Hroval: A Visionary Who Introduced Product Reincarnation Technology™ to The World

It is another elephant in the room, before which we close our eyes – ever increasing discarded and worn out product. They mainly end up in landfills, with only a fraction that undergoes recycling process, either as bio-degradable waste or in addition to other recyclable synthetic materials.

Ever-so-clear facts state that the main problems with most recycling methods remain in abundance of harmful Greenhouse carbon dioxide gas emissions (CO2). This leaves with no doubt that we must move to higher-efficiency energy sources to avoid even harsher changes in world climate. Imagine closing-up only one coal plant in order to reduce a couple of million metric tons of CO2 emissions?

Roberto Hroval, founder of PatentReal Corporation, has truly made a giant leap with company’s Product Reincarnation Technology™ (PRT), a leading-edge waste-to-energy solution with three patents ready. This breakthrough is “an innovative technology that transforms worn-out products into fuel or electricity… or even into brand new original products,” explained Roberto Hroval, a visionary, innovator and serial entrepreneur who is often put forward as European Elon Musk. He explained that after eight years of testing and perfecting, the company is now ready to go public.

An answer to two large worldwide problems


So what is PRT anyway? It is an energy from discarded products system. As a closed-loop system, it’s fully green, with a “utilization rate above 85%.” It offers a solution to two great problems: how to stop exploiting the Earth and get low-cost green energy… while taking care of waste in a form of discarded and worn out products.

If we remember the saying “act locally, think globally” we can finally relax. The newest green technology is available, and all It needs is local interest. For an instance, in spite of USA’s withdrawal from Paris agreement many municipalities across States are well aware that with or without agreement, the urge for a change is clear as a day.

Most evident was Mayor Emmanuel Rham’s statement, “Chicago is continuing to invest in the industries of tomorrow in order to create the jobs we need today. Leading in alternative energies supports the kind of sustainable economic development and cost savings four our homeowners and business that we need.”

Similar stance takes Paris´ Anne Hildago. She said that Paris must be a carbon-neutral city and continue to invest in new technologies to create the jobs they need today and a healthy Paris.

The PRT has already been recognized and exalted by distinguished companies and experts across the Middle East and Europe. “We look forward to exploring the opportunities for this technology in Abu Dhabi. Any process that takes a serious environmental problem and converts it into an economic benefit deserves our fullest attention,” said Abdulla J. Al Nowais, CEO Al-Nowais group in Abu Dhabi.

Josef Kluy from German billion-dollar company BluechemGroup is also in favour of PRT technology: “Product Reincarnation Technology™ is an ingenious invention… a breakthrough that puts all previously known in the shade,” said group’s Head of International Business Development.

While some still marvel upon quantum leap that PRT made, certain states in America rely on programs put in direction of waste-product issues, including on raising awareness of better information toward moderate energy performance, along with Energy Action Network with Energy Shared Savings for public schools.

PatentReal Corp.’s projects are designed to resolve the most complicated environmental and energy issues. Roberto Hroval’s triple patented to be technology gives us a working solution for discarded waste while making good money out of it.

“With our unique solution, we can transform waste into something valuable. In addition, PatentReal Corporation will be the only company in the world offering Product Reincarnation Technology™.”

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